Kitty B


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All of our artist bears are entirely hand designed and hand made. We take pride in only selecting the best of materials using the highest quality faux furs, ethically sourced mohairs and alpaca fabrics.


The bears are assembled using traditional wooden and steel cotterpin joints and stuffed with traditional materials such as wool, rag fibre and sawdust. Our more traditional collectors bears are also weighted with steel, glass or ceramic pellets.


The design process can take up to a month to complete and the actual production of the bear up to 3 weeks for the more complicated designs.


Prices vary dependant on materials used and the size/detail of the bear.


All our available bears can be found in our etsy shop they do change on a regular basis as I create more so be sure to check back often or follow our Facebook page for details of new arrivals. I do try and update the shop on the website as often as possible but newer bears tend to arrive on Etsy first.


We also visit a lot of shows throughout the year so if you want to see the bears in the fluff keep an eye out for our next event.



For custom orders please see our dedicated page.